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What is the Orthodox Youth Center?

The Orthodox Center is located on the land of the Monastery of Our Lady Virgin Mary the Life Giving Spring in Dibbin, with a total area of approx. 7,500 m2 (81,000 ft2) built on a land of approx. 6000 m2 (64,583 ft2). It consists of a church in the middle surrounded by a conference center and multi-purposes halls, accommodation rooms, in addition to outside playgrounds & courtyards.

Adress of His Eminence Archbishop Christophoros

It is of great value for the church to have institutions that play a vital role in the lives of the Christians and the society through which it certifies its faith, love and openness to the current age and its requirements. Hence, the idea of establishing the "Orthodox Center" came from the fact that there is a dire need for our church of Jerusalem, "the mother of the churches", to have a "center" befitting its history, present and future, that embraces all its children in our homeland Jordan and Palestine, as our church is the national and local church, and its role prolongs through all era.

This role is embodied in the mission of love and peace, knowledge and science. As the annunciation was launched from the holy places, so it must perpetuate in the Holy Lands and flourish through our spiritual renaissance to carry a civilized and human mission to all the society and the whole world.

Out of obedience to the Scripture, in the book of Revelation which speaks that the church should be always ready, through establishing monasteries, convents & institutions outside the cities, to shelter the faithful in order to acquire strength, grace and blessing. Therefore, we have envisioned that the Orthodox Center be located in Dibbin nearby the Monastery of Our Lady Virgin Mary the Life Giving Spring.

The primarily aim of the center is to be a place for living with God, also, an active and fruitful encountering between man and his fellow-man, as well as man with himself and the nature. This can be achieved through the activities that cover all categories of both our parishioners & the single society, since we are the offspring of an Eastern Arab civilization known for its pluralism, diversity and wealth.

Also, from the other objectives of the center are to be a center for youth, church committees and spiritual retreats for clergy and parishioners. It will also be a convenient place for holding conferences and meetings with members of the churches and other religions, in addition to other activities that benefit our parish and the rest of the society. Hence, all of us Jordanians and Palestinians those inside and outside residents have to collaborate together, so that this project materialize and come to light.

Beseeching God to bless and grant us both clergy and people with His grace and blessings, so that we may all be one in Christ Jesus, and witness to His word and to the life of adoration. "My commandment is this: love each other as I have loved you." (John 15:12) and through our love to each other, the world will realize that we are Jesus' disciples and thus we are real witnesses to Him.

The grace of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the love of God the Father and the communion of the Holy Spirit to be with us all, Amen.

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